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Since we began our journey with Bergen North Moms, we have met some of the most incredible women.  Women that run businesses to better your body, to freshen up your home, to style up your life, and to take care of yourself as a whole.  Our most recent experience was with Nicole Linn.







Nicole Linn is a local Bergen County mom, who likes to live life consciously and spiritually. She uses an intuitive approach to help clients facilitate personal empowerment and growth. She uses energetic practices and well-being teachings to aid her private practice, providing clients the support to seek out and shine their inner light. Nicole works with private clients, groups and businesses. She provides intuitive energetic sessions, Reiki and yoga services, allowing joy, balance and fulfillment to unfold.





Annie:  Nicole first met with us on a Sunday Morning.  In reflecting on our meeting I have to say I was incredibly nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect.  Nicole and I had spoken on the phone a few times. She was always so easy going. On the day we met, my house was a total mess which definitely stressed me out.  The day before I had hosted my daughter’s three year old birthday party and had not done a great job of cleaning up. As Nicole walked into my home I instantly felt at ease. I felt calmed by her warm a bright demeanor.  I got the sense that she has that effect on people. She explained the process of what she does and how she does it. She spoke to us about her background and about what her work means to her. I won’t go into too many details, as she can explain her work best.   The easiest way to describe it, is too say that Nicole is an incredibly spiritual person, who has the gift to bring positivity and light into your world. We decided that I would have a home clearing done, and Nicole would do a personal clearing on Karianna.


I’m not going to lie to you, my husband didn’t buy into the whole thing, which was very evident as he joked, “So, let me get this straight.  You let a woman walk through our home, so she knows the exact lay out. Then, you gave her a schedule for when no one would be home. Annie, this is why we can’t have nice things”  He was kidding of course, but my disclaimer is if you are into this, forget the skeptics, you have to have a little faith in the process.  I’ll tell you what,  it was a beautiful experience.


During the visit to my house,  Nicole did a walk through of our whole home including the land.  Then, while we were away, she did her deep meditation from her home while visualizing the home.   She then called me to explain the process and what she had found and how to bring more positivity to my life.  It was an easy casual conversation.

Later, she sent me an email write up of her process and what suggestions she had to further the positive energy in my home.  I felt so comfortable and intrigued by what she had to say. I don’t know what it was, but upon doing my own research about the process and the messages she gave me, I was brought to tears.  Something about it made me feel a warmth, and so much closer and connected to my family home. It gave me so much appreciation for this place that shelters my family, holds so many wonderful memories and the light that lives in here.  

My feelings are very positive. I think what Nicole did was quite honestly very cool and special. I look forward to doing more research, and working with her in the future!




Karianna:  In meeting Nicole, I had no idea what to expect or what I was about to experience, what I’d have to tell her or if I’d believe any of it. We spoke about the process, got some nerves out and then hugged before she left.   Physical touch is preferred by her to connect with you during your session (a hand shake is fine too). I initially had assumed that my clearing would be done right then and there, but Nicole and I picked a set date and she meditates at home focusing on me. She called me right after she completed the process.  She gave me the feedback right away during our conversation and then sent a full detailed email for my review. I felt that this part was so helpful because I was so nervous and excited, I couldn’t remember anything she had said over the phone. What she’ll tell each person will vary, but what she is aiming to do is to clear you of all negative feelings or thoughts that you’ve been carrying around consciously or subconsciously.  To close the session, Nicole is able to send blessings and positivity to you, giving you the feeling of wholeness. It has now been over three weeks since my clearing and the best way to describe how I feel is lighter.  I feel less focused on what others think and my general thoughts lean toward positive instead of negative. Don’t get me wrong, my kids still drive me nuts and I scream at them, but I am not hitting that tipping point where I just want to cry in the fetal position (LOL). For example, I was at my desk at work two days after my clearing, and I was just smiling at my computer as if I had won the lottery.   I mean, my day job has NEVER been this busy in my 8 years of employment. I should really be crying! Then, a co-worker walked by my desk and turns back toward me and says, “wow, you really have that fake smile down pat! You should be MISERABLE with your workload”. I laughed and smiled even more, said, “I’m not sure you’ll believe this, but I had a clearing done and I can’t stop smiling.” Similarly to Annie, my husband laughed at my feedback and is very skeptical.   However, all I know is that overall I feel happier, calmer and lighter.


Karianna & Annie:   We are all SO quick to judge something we don’t understand.  Bring on the positive energy, and the good feelings in life. This was an eye opening experience that we definitely feel we want to explore further.  We all talk about sending good vibes. Sometimes, it is worth exploring how we can welcome more for ourselves. We are super grateful to have met Nicole!  We encourage you to reach out to learn more about her!


Please visit her website to schedule an appointment or consultation:


Nicole has very generously offered all of our followers $25 off their first service when you mention Bergen North Moms.  YAY!!!


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