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With so many businesses just opening their doors again, we wanted to speak with Rebecca from Noteworthy Academy of Music, to hear about her business, when to get your child started with Music Education, and how Noteworthy was able to survive and thrive during mandated closures.  When you meet Rebecca, you are instantly drawn in by her positive attitude and absolute love for Music education. 

So, where are you from originally and how long have you lived or worked  in Bergen County?  


We both grew up in Woodland Park right here in New Jersey and we have owned Noteworthy here in Bergen County for the past 2 years.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about your Business?


It’s never too late to start music! Everyone assumes that it is only for kids because that is such a common and wonderful time to start taking music, but you can start at any age.


Tell us about your business’s experience through the Pandemic.  How has your business continued to thrive through COVID closures?


At the beginning of the shutdown, like everyone, we were not expecting the extreme length of time we would have to be away from our students. So, we initially closed for a short period of time and quickly realized how dire the situation was and quickly came up with a plan to keep our students learning, having fun and staying healthy! Virtual lessons became our new normal for the past 6 months and we watched our students really thrive, much to our surprise!! We were horrified that it was not going to work, but with a lot of work, we made the absolute best we could out of the situation. But we are so happy to be back in our beautiful space now offering in person as well as virtual lessons. On the plus side, through this crazy time we have decided to keep virtual lessons as a permanent option for all of our students since it has been so successful.  


What is your favorite thing about working with children? 


Watching music transform a child’s life outside of just music is the most rewarding thing! Music, private music lessons specifically, have a special way of instilling discipline, focus, passion, creativity and confidence that nothing else really can. We always say that we end up teaching 70% life skills and 30% music.


Many parents feel intimidated about making the choice when to start their child with music lessons/classes.  When is it too early or too late?  Is there an age that you would recommend starting?


Every child is different. There are a lot of factors that determine when a child is ready to begin music lessons, such as their fine motor skills, reading ability, focus, etc. Also, we have found that each instrument has a different approximate starting age that makes the beginning of their music education the most successful. For example, you can start on piano, ukulele, and drums around 5, the guitar and bass around 7, wind instruments and voice around 9. If you are uncertain if your child is ready for the commitment of private lessons, we always recommend coming in for a free consultation so they can see what a lesson would be like. It is always better to wait until they are ready then to rush them in too soon and it becomes frustrating!  

Any suggestions of a good instrument to get younger children started with lessons?


We always recommend listening to what excites your child! The instrument they are most passionate about is the one they will practice! Of course, there are soft age guidelines that we like to follow, but if your 6 year old is passionate about the guitar, lets try the ukulele for a little while until their fingers are ready for a guitar! If your 5 year old loves to sing, let’s try to start on piano with a little bit of singing so we don’t put any unnecessary strain on their young voice.  


Do you have classes for older children?


We offer lessons for young children, teenagers, and adults! It’s never too late to start learning music.

Do you have any offer programs for the special needs population?


Yes, we cater each lesson to each of our students specific educational needs. We are also in the process of becoming certified with NJ Public Partnerships Program.


Do you have a favorite spot in Bergen County?


The Saddle River Bike Path has been one of our favorite spots for years! I actually used to go with my dad when I was growing up here in North Jersey. 


For more information on Noteworthy Academy of Music please visit their website or email [email protected]

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