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I am so excited to introduce Allie Kelley-Lanari, the founder of Brushed Tanning Studio (located in Wyckoff & Cresskill). Allie has been in the spray tanning industry for 18 years and is truly the best of the best! I sat down with Allie to find out more about her family life, how she got started and of course what sets Brushed Tanning Studio apart from the rest. Read on to learn more about this incredibly relatable mompreneur. 

Let’s learn more about you! Do you have kids? Where are you from and how long have you lived in town?

I have four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls! Johnny (15), Jake (13), Samantha (12), Victoria (11) – Sheesh! That looks like a lot of kids really quick lol. I’m originally from Saddle Brook, NJ, we decided to branch out and move closer to where our children will attend their private high schools, now residing in Washington Township.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?

I love watching them compete. I grew up in a super competitive family and somehow managed to pass that onto my children. They are all involved in multiple sports, and I can honestly say that the only time I am not focused on my work is when I am watching them compete. It’s the only time I can “turn off” the work switch 100%. 

Speaking of work, tell us more about your business!

I own Brushed Tanning Studio (located in Wyckoff and Cresskill) which was founded in 2010. Although I have officially been in business since 2010, the development of Brushed was a culmination of life events and past work experience that ultimately pushed me to open on my own. At 37 years old I have 18 years’ experience with spray tanning. I was 25 and pregnant with my 4th baby (I didn’t actually know I was pregnant until opening week!) and I knew that staying home (although I adore my children) was not meant for me. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of The Fountain Spa, which in my eye was a major achievement. I established Brushed Tanning Studio in both of their locations and eventually was able to open my own free-standing location. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had with The Fountain Spa and wish them nothing but continued success. 

Why is this so important? 

Spray tanning is something that has only been getting better as the years have gone on. I truly feel that this is one of those things that a machine will never be able to do as well as a trained professional. I am sure that other people in this profession can confirm that their technique and skill improve daily with every client. 

What sets you apart? 

Not only is our solution water-based and exclusive to our studios, but our experience is also unlike anything else in the area (and beyond). We are an elevated experience. We spray our clients in a heated room, to keep them as comfortable as possible, we also have a heated drying station allowing our clients to feel completely dry prior to getting dressed. Our appointments are based on 15-minute increments and other than the tan taking 5-7 minutes, the rest of that time is for us to chat with our clients (who become friends) and to sanitize the room prior to the next guest. This is also what we do. We do not offer other services, we spray tan. This is what we have worked years to master and although my clients will tell you how perfect our tans come out, I know that I am always striving to make it better or more efficient or more upscale for our clients. 

If you could give one tip to fellow moms, what would it be? 

Take a deep breath and reflect. I think all too often moms are holding themselves to an unrealistic (nonexistent) standard that I truly feel social media has created. There are days that I find myself feeling like I’m failing but when I stop and reflect, I realize that my kids are proof of my success; they are great people, they are loved, they are fed, and they want for nothing in life. That really matters, that is success, that is the “standard” that we should hold ourselves to.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

Well one thing for sure that everyone always finds shocking is that I had 4 kids by time I was 25. The other is that my husband is 17 years older than me lol (he’s the best, he’s a young 54 lol). 

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now? 

It has allowed me to see so many different types of families and specifically moms that exist. It has also been a great source of information that I sometimes didn’t know I needed. 

About Brushed Tanning Studio 

Brushed Tanning Studio offers a unique experience when it comes to spray tanning, with the highest quality service delivering the best results. Their state-of-the-art studio is a big step up from getting spray tanned in a tent. The room is heated prior to your arrival and has an incredible drying system, so you leave without feeling like you just got spray tanned.  Brushed Tanning Studio uses an organic, FDA approved solution, resulting in the most lustrous tan the industry has to offer. Their extremely knowledgeable staff has a minimum of 8 years’ experience in the field, while both managers have a combined 35 years’ experience spray tanning.

Where can people book an appointment? 

You can book online for both Wyckoff and Cresskill locations.





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